Fire Protection


HYDROFIRE is a full-service fire safety protection company for industrial, residential, and commercial applications.  We specialize in the design and construction of sprinkler systems for fire safety, but our services span a much broader scope.  We handle inspections, testing, servicing, and repairs for current systems, as well as offering design and construction of new sprinkler systems.

Fire safety systems

There are many types of fire protection.  We can help you determine which type to choose, and the best course of action for your particular needs. If you currently have a system that needs inspected, serviced or repaired, we can help you.  Our company has extensive experience with all of these different systems.

Fire Protection Systems-Designed, Installed, Serviced, and Inspected:

    • Wet –  wet sprinkler system is a sprinkler system that uses automatic sprinkler heads connected to a piping system that is charged with water.  These sprinkler heads hold the water back until they detect fire, whereupon they open.  This system is also connected to a large water supply.  Fire protection utilizing a wet system discharges water immediately through the sprinklers that have been activated.  This means that the water is going to the specific area where fire has been detected.
    • Dry – A dry pipe sprinkler system is structured like a wet system, only the pipes are charged with air or nitrogen under pressure.  Water fills the system immediately, via a dry pipe valve, once this pressure is released – as when an automatic sprinkler opens or activates.  Dry pipe sprinkler systems are installed in areas where wet pipe systems may be inappropriate such as areas where freezing temperatures might be expected.
    • Anti-Freeze – An Anti-freeze fire protection system, is like a wet pipe system using automatic sprinklers.  The system, however,  is charged with a liquid solution to prevent freezing.  This solution holds back the water until a sprinkler is activated.  The solution discharges and is followed immediately by water from the system’s connected water source.
    • In-Rack – Specifically designed for the protection of racked storage areas, and In-Rack system equips the racks with a separate sprinkler system utilizing independent detectors.  This type of system continuously monitors within the racks for smoke and heat, then, releases water into a targeted area to minimize damage and downtime for the facility.
    • Deluge – A deluge system is a sprinkler system that uses open sprinklers that are attached to a piping system that is connected to a water supply through a valve.  This valve is opened by a detection system located in the same areas as the sprinklers. When this valve opens, water flows into the piping system and discharges from all sprinklers at once.  Deluge systems are used in situations with the risk of a fast developing fire, and large quantities of water are needed quickly, to control it.  Deluge valves can be electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically operated.
    • Pre-Action – A pre-action sprinkler system is similar to a deluge sprinkler system except the sprinklers are closed. This type of system is typically used in areas containing high value equipment or contents and spaces which are highly sensitive to the effects of accidental sprinkler water discharge. The pre-action valve is normally closed and is operated by a separate detection system.  Activation of a fire detector will open the pre-action valve, allowing water to enter the system piping. Water will not flow from the sprinklers until heat activates the operating element in individual sprinklers. Opening of the pre-action valve effectively converts the system to a wet pipe sprinkler system.

We can help you determine which fire protection system will work best in your situation.

Additional Fire Protection Services:

  • Monitor Nozzle Stations
  • Special Protection Fire Safety Needs
  • Diesel and Electric Fire Pumps
  • Jockey Pumps
  • Backflow Preventers

Locally, we service West Point, Auburn, Columbus, LaGrange, Newnan and more. Our service area extends throughout the states of Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

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