I have been using Hydrofire here at the Duracell Mega COmplex in LaGrange, GA for 10 years now and I'm glad I made that decision! They are rapid to repond to any need I have, being an emergency or not, and the work they perform shows just how professional they are. Safety also comes first with Hydrofire including performing a thorough annual sprinkler inspection every year which allows me to sleep at night knowing that my life safety system is protecting my employees, assets and the respect of the public. From design work, installation, small projects or large, they do it all and they do it with on-time delivery. Thank you Hydrofire for doing the job right the first time, with that being said, you have earned the respect of me and my local AHJ (Fire Marshal) by keeping my sprinkler system compliant. I'm looking forward to many more years of business parternship with you!

10 year+ customer

( Duracell Mega Complex, LaGrange, GA )

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Designed and Installed 2 warehouses

Professional and Timely

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